Actual members:

IMPERIAL in 2012
Skrow: Vocals/bass/drums + Qojau: Guitars

Past members:

Julien: Guitar in 1992.

Stephane Quay, live drummer of Imperial during 1998
Stéphane Quay
: Drums in 1998 [live].

Richard drummer of Imperial in 1999
Richard: Drums in 1999.

Jerome bass player of Imperial during live gigs
Jérôme Point: Bass in 1998 [live].
Franky on drums during Thrasheurs 13 session
Franky Costanza: Drums in 1998.
This is the official website of the french extreme metal band Imperial.
We play fucking brutal, ugly, hateful, devastating, outrageous, violent, bestial, vomiting & putrid black & t[h]rash metal acts since 1992. God has created life, but we're gonna to ruin yours.


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