Imperial in 2012


In July the final version of the "Chaos" album is done. The band actually search a deal with a label for a release on CD or LP.


In Spring, the cassette label Infernal Kommando produces the advance tape of “Chaos” (same recording than the digital out in 2011) with pro-printed cover, limited to 150 copies.


The 14th November, a first version of the album "Chaos" out on Digital Download by the netlabel Structures Métalliques.
The 2008 demo "Noir" is reissued on pro tape limited to 250 copies by F.W.P.


In May IMPERIAL start to compose and produce their third album “Chaos”.

imperial 19982008

IMPERIAL is back and record 7 new devastating songs for die hard fans. This new demo called “Noir” has been distributed for free directly on band internet pages.


In 2003, a compilation of demo & promo tapes + unreleased personnal band recordings, is released first on CD by the peruvian label Magistellus Infernal, limited to 100 copies.
A re-issue is released on tape in 2004, by the bolivian underground label Rawblackult Productions, limited to 666 copies.
Bubonist (Skrow) deserts THE END and the project become THE END 666, the Infernal (Qojau) one-man band.


For the IMPERIAL’s 10th anniversary, out the “Moonblood (ten years of IMPERIAL)” 7″EP, edited by the italian label Dream Evil Records. The EP contains 4 unrealised tracks from 1992 to 2000, and is limited in red vynil to 333 copies.
THE END out their second demo tape “Speedcore Metal Hell”.

2001Qojau during Imperial gig in 1998.

IMPERIAL record a tribute to SABBAT, “Reek Of Cremation” for the “Sabbatical Worldwide Harmageddon” tribute LP to SABBAT on Live Recording Attacks brasilian label.
The complete 1995 session of “The Red Moon” demo tape with “War Spirit” tracks is re-edited by Moon Soon Records (Skrow’s label) on demo tape with remastered songs, colored cover and limited to 100 copies.
IMPERIAL start a new side project called THE END with Infernal (Qojau) on vocals/guitars, and Bubonist (Skrow) on bass. The first demo tape of THE END “Shudder” is edited by Moon Soon Records and Forgotten Wisdom Prod.


IMPERIAL records “Desert”, a tribute to BULLDOZER for the split EP with japanese gods SABBAT “The BULLDOZER Armageddon 1” on the italian label Warlord Records.


IMPERIAL recording their second album “Malmort”. Richard (ex-PUKER drummer) joins the band for playing drums parts. For this album, IMPERIAL choose a more raw sound which routs people and ‘zines reviewers. Osmose decide to out relutanctly the album (because more and more disagreements between the band and the label).


IMPERIAL make an unique concert in February (the first since 4 years, and ever the last IMPERIAL concert at this day). For this concert, IMPERIAL line up is Qojau on guitar, Skrow on vocals, Jérôme on bass and Stéphane on drums.

Problems inside the band come at the same period…problems cancelling a previous european tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE + some dates with IMMORTAL.

Still in 1998, Franky Costanza (DAGOBA drummer) joins IMPERIAL in studio for playing drums on the “Thrasheurs 13” MCD’s recording.

Imperial in 1998: Qojau [guitars], Skrow [bass/vocals], and Franky [drums].


The band decides to record 5 new songs in studio for making a promotional tape destined to labels. These 5 songs are all singing in french. After to have received this “Promo Tape ’97”, Osmose Productions sign IMPERIAL for 2 albums and 1 MCD. This recording is also the proof that Imperial is the first band in France who have mixed Black-metal with 80’s Thrash-metal.

The first album “Aux Crépuscules” is recording in 1997, still by the duo Qojau (guitar/drums programming) and Skrow (vocals/bass), and out in 1998. The 5 songs of the “Promo Tape ’97” are include on the album. On the LP version, the song “La Femme Brûlée” is replaced by “Eux” (2 songs from the “Chapitre 3 : Men Of God” demo tape).



IMPERIAL record their third demo tape “Chapitre Trois : Men Of God”. The 8 songs are more technical, contains three sung in french. Skrow plays keyboards parts during all the session. This demo becomes the favorite tape for IMPERIAL maniacs, and a return to classical Heavy/Speed/Thrash riffs. During 1994 to 1996, their 3 demo tapes have been distributed to 900 copies in Europe and U.S.A..

Qojau during Imperial gig in 1994.1995

IMPERIAL record the same day 6 new songs for their second demo tape “The Red Moon” + a new edition of the “War Spirit” demo. The band has now his own musical style, still influenced by all extreme and primitive Metal, dominated by Black-metal. Skrow starts to write and sing lyrics in french (“Lumière Noire” is the first IMPERIAL piece sung in french, and the first in the french Black-metal scene), and plays bass on rehearsals.



IMPERIAL make 3 concerts and record 5 tracks for the first demo tape “War Spirit”. The musical style sounds more extreme and original, and the band uses more Black-Metal influences. Now Skrow makes all vocal performances. The demo is really appreciate in the underground.


Imperial is formed end 1992 by Qojau and Skrow, and is based in south France (Istres/Martigues). The band starts to play primitive Grind/Doom/Death/Thrash-Metal songs. The line-up is : Qojau on guitar and vocal, Skrow on drums and Julien on guitar. During this period, the band has no band name.

Imperial in 1999: Richard [drums], Qojau [guitars], and Skrow [bass/vocals]

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