Guided by the winds of the desolation
I walk on unknown lands
Guided by the cold winds of sadness
The winter tonight betrays me

Guided by the anguish and the hate
I let my past behind me
Guided by the souls of my people
They sing, entreat me and ask the vengeance

The horizon is lightning by flames
My past burns behind these hills
I feel the fire, the blood, the death
Their smokes fog my heart

Guided by the winds of the anger
I curse all these murderers
Guided by the winds of the vengeance
My hate is my reason to live
Guided by the winds of the battle
A day i’ll founding my legions
Guided by the winds of the cruelty
The blood will rusting our blades

This is the official website of the french extreme metal band Imperial.
We play fucking brutal, ugly, hateful, devastating, outrageous, violent, bestial, vomiting & putrid black & t[h]rash metal acts since 1992. God has created life, but we're gonna to ruin yours.


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Logo designed in 1997 by Christophe Szpajdel.
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