Out now: “Chaos” adv.tape 150 copies limited.

The advance tape of the third Imperial album “Chaos” out now on Infernal Kommando, 12 intense and speed tracks with crazy Lyrics. Tape limited to 150 Copies with pro printed cover (including all lyrics) and stickers.

For Order, trade, … : infernalkommando@wanadoo.fr

The CHAOS cassette:

Advance tape of “Chaos” album, mixed in 2011, released to 150 copies by Infernal Kommando.

This is the official website of the french extreme metal band Imperial.
We play fucking brutal, ugly, hateful, devastating, outrageous, violent, bestial, vomiting & putrid black & t[h]rash metal acts since 1992. God has created life, but we're gonna to ruin yours.


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Logo designed in 1997 by Christophe Szpajdel.
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