After twilight
Comes midnight
When it’s midnight
See the moonlight
When it’s moonlight
This is the night
When it’s the night
There’s a light
Where there’s a light
There’s a moonlight
Where there’s a moonlight
There’s a light sky
When the dark’s light
It’s tonight
When it’s tonight
Comes the knight
When it’s the night
I must fight
When i fight
Against the knight
Where there’s the knight
There’re swords which bright
When swords bright
There’s a dark light

When sky’s bright
At moonlight
We must fight
Forget the night
When i fight
For the dark light
When i fight
At midnight
Agains’t the knight
My sword’s light
By the moonlight
We live at night
At Twilight
It’s not midnight
There’s too much light
It’s not the night
When it’s twilight
I don’t fight

This is the official website of the french extreme metal band Imperial.
We play fucking brutal, ugly, hateful, devastating, outrageous, violent, bestial, vomiting & putrid black & t[h]rash metal acts since 1992. God has created life, but we're gonna to ruin yours.


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